Reese. 19. Build-A-Bear Employee. Future English professor. Mythology lover. Writer. Perfectionist. Dog person. Gaga, T-Swift, and Every Avenue. Batman/Robins/Justice League. Diagnose-able Red Hood/Jason Todd obsession. Fandoms include but not limited to: Dark-Hunters. Mortal Instruments. The Fault In Our Stars. Mara Dyer. Grey's Anatomy. Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf. Doctor Who. Harry Potter. Divergent. Les Mis. Anita Blake Series. Fringe. Legend of the Seeker. Night Vale. Scrubs. Teen Wolf. Merlin. Supernatural. The Maze Runner. I Hunt Killers. The Walking Dead. Game of Thrones. Young Justice. Legend of Korra. BBC Sherlock. Once Upon a Time. And The Hunger Games.